Government Accounting Services

Government Contractor Services

As a CPA in the DC area many of our corporate clients are government contractors. We provide the full spectrum of services including:

  • Incorporation: choosing the entity type and the right tax structure
  • Setting up the accounting system
  • Ensuring compliance with FAR, CAS & DCAA regulations
  • Helping firms obtain the certifications, like 8A

We also provide ongoing accounting, bookkeeping, tax planning and tax preparation.

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CPA Services for Government Contractors

Incorporation for Government Contractors:

Setting up your new business as the right entity can have significant tax implications. We will recommend an appropriate corporate structure that fits your current needs and also your long-term goals.

8A Certifications

We prepare the entire 8A Application, as do many others! The difference is that we also help you build your strategy, so that you are well positioned to achieve your financial goals. We will navigate the complexities of the many forms; whether it is the CCR, ORCA or SBA GLS, and deal with the small items that can help or hurt in the long run.

DCAA, FAR, CAS Compliance

Getting shortlisted on a Government RFP and not being compliant is expensive to fix, or could lose you the contract altogether. With millions of dollars on the line government contractors often resort to hiring specialized consultants, buying expensive software and paying a premium for the expedited implementation. At Axxis Financial we put these systems and processes in place at the get-go.

With the number of software options available, we can provide a solution that is affordable, easy to use and gets you “the nod” when the DCAA Auditor walks in.

Government Contract Required Calculations

Indirect Rate Calculations & Incurred Cost Submissions are a ‘must-have’ per the government contract requirements. They are also a very useful management tool and can help you make critical decisions like hiring, lay-offs, resource loading, staff utilization etc. Axxis Financial will structure your Chart of Accounts so that you can calculate your indirect rates on a regular basis.

Time Sheets Systems

Make sure you implement the right time reporting systems for your company’s needs, one that can talk to your accounting general ledgers and job cost modules. We help select the right one, set it up and make integrate with your accounting system as per the DCAA guidelines.

Cost Proposals

Our Clients regularly engage us to review or prepare their Cost Proposals. We ensure the numbers and calculations are accurate and are in line with Industry averages. Our oversight includes calculating the indirect rates, billing rates for various labor categories, creating multi-year labor rate structures and coordinating with your subcontractors and team partners.

Outsourced Accounting

Outsourcing your entire bookkeeping process while you remain focused on your core business. At the end every month you send us all your bank, credit card statements and source documents and we enter it all into the accounting system to generate the monthly financial & management accounting reports. We also ensure DCAA Compliance and generate all the related job & indirect cost reports.

Our clients have benefited from significant cost savings from outsourced accounting, avoiding the need for a full time bookkeeper, accounting staff or CFO.

Our CPA Services Summarized

Tax Services

  • Tax Planning

  • Tax Preparation

  • IRS Audit Representation

Business Services

  • Government Contractor Consulting

  • Bookkeeping & Accounting

  • Payroll

  • Financial statement – Audits, Reviews & Compilations

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